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How to Choose a Limo Company

8 Steps to Follow if You Want to Find a Quality Limousine Rental Company

Are you looking for a quality limousine service in Jackson, TN? If you want to find a good limousine company, here are some things you must consider:

  1. Licenses. Every limo rental company should be licensed. Insured by the State, a license allows the company to operate legally.
  2. Experience. The more experience a company has, the better. If you run across a new company, ask if the managers and drivers of the company have previous experience in the business.
  3. Insurance. Commercial insurance for every vehicle is a must. Liability coverage ranges from $750, 000, for town cars, to 1.5 million, for vehicles that carry 8 passengers or more.
  4. Live Inspection. Check out the limousine in person. If this is not possible, because the vehicle is not available, ask the company to email photos of the limo. Things that you should verify are the make, model and amenities inside the limo.
  5. Referrals. Word of mouth is one excellent way of finding a good limo rental company. Has a friend of yours used a limo company on multiple occasions? If they are happy with the service provided, chances are you will be happy too.
  6. Driver Gratuity. Most limo companies automatically charge a 15% to 20% gratuity. If gratuity isn’t included in the bill, you should look for another company. In this case, the driver is being cheated, which means that the company is not reputable. The same applies when the driver gratuity is categorized as a “service charge.”
  7. Working Hours. The company should be available 24/7. If the company specializes mainly in airport transfers, there should always be dispatchers in the office. If the company’s primary business is proms, weddings, and nights out on the town, the company should also be accessible around the clock.
  8. Driver Screening. Good companies run criminal background checks on their prospective employees. A limo driver should also have a clean driving area. They should know the company’s service area very well.

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